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Who we are?

We, at The Essential Greens want to make urban population self- sufficient by transforming their unused spaces into their own garden and creating an eco system to sustain in such uncertain and unprecedented times.

We care about what goes into food, goes into you. Maintaining a fruitful, sustainable home garden provides sense of empowerment because you’re in complete control of what you will consume.Our kitchen gardening kits are carefully curated selection of roots, exotic, local vegetable saplings delivered to your home. Our kit also involves fertilisers , coco peat and tools, thats all a gardener needs to create his own garden. Before the sapling reaches you we have fully sterilised our kits. We grow in complete control ecosystem and constantly monitor multiple parameters to ensure best quality,

We use advanced technology with minimum human touch to fill in the coco peat, experts and professionals to examine the process of soil germination on routine, foggers for right amount of water. Whenever you take up any creative activity you are bound to be happy, gardening included. You can be completely creative in creating your own space where you feel at peace and make it look beautiful as you can. The most important aspect, is emotion connection with your plants and being completely responsible for it.

Safety is no small thing, even when it comes to the smallest of things. Our team ensures every step along the journey of our produce is met with perfection, so that you get your hand on only the best. We are adhering to all the prescribed hygiene measures to deliver the package safely

Our Aim

To create a self sustaining ecosystem for the urban consumers through our fresh supply of Essential Greens Kitchen Garden Kits and Handmade products.

Our Mission

To develop the efficacy of self sustainable home gardening models in urban regions with a pure aim for adding value to the lives of urban consumers, educating the next generation about the techniques of sustainable home gardening as well as the true meaning of farming, importance of home grown fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products.

Our Services

We at The Essentials Greens are providing One Stop Shop Shop Solution for Home Gardening as well as we aim at providing high quality handmade products such as dairy, organic fertilisers and we are soon coming up with fresh fruits and vegetables for the urban market.

Essential Green

Introducing Essential Greens Kitchen Garden Kit with a carefully curated selection of root, exotic, local vegetables and fruit saplings delivered to your home.As we believe eating produce from your own garden is incredibly healthy, fresh vegetables packed with antioxidants, fiber and vitamins!