Tribute to our “Bali Raja”

A farmer is full of a strong mind, dignity, hard work, and profound patience. They celebrate the pride of farming for generations to generations. Without any infrastructure, without any science, our farmers purely based on all traditional knowledge provides food to the entire globe. As Sadhguru’s quote says, “Human ability to do agriculture is the […]

Founder’s Message

The concept of “Kitchen Garden”is important more than ever during the unprecedented times. We have seen our elder generation practicing a sustainable living by growing their vegetables at the backyard of their homes, if they can why can’t we adapt this beautiful process to show to our next generations. There’s no better way to perpetuate the […]

Essential Green’s guide!

How to Use Coco Peat In Garden Coconut coir or peat comes in compressed form, it expands and increases up to 5 or 6 times in volume after it’s reconstituted. Only break off the amount you’re planning to use. Break apart a brick in parts and throw it in a large bucket. Add enough amount […]