Organic Pesticide 200ML


Bloom Buddy – Organic Pesticide (1% Azadirachtin) is an emulsifiable concentrate that is effective in controlling a wide range of pests (sucking & chewing) of garden plants. Make a solution mixing 3 ml on the product in a litre of water and when used as recommended through a high-volume sprayer, this product controls pests effectively. The product has unique modes of action that ensure sustained pest control and eradication from the area upon application. It acts as an anti-feedent and prevents the pest from feeding any further after spraying on the crop and it prevents the female insects from laying eggs and also has ovicidal effects. The product also acts as an insect growth regulator and prevents moulting of the larvae. It also acts as a repellent against pests. Further, it also acts as a synergist along with chemical pesticides to increase the efficacy. It has excellent UV stability on plants and its systemic activity and does not leave any residue on the plants or soil. It has excellent stability throughout the shelf life period resulting in maximum efficacy.