A farmer is full of a strong mind, dignity, hard work, and profound patience. They celebrate the pride of farming for generations to generations. Without any infrastructure, without any science, our farmers purely based on all traditional knowledge provides food to the entire globe.

As Sadhguru’s quote says, “Human ability to do agriculture is the basis of civilization”.

We want people to understand and spread awareness about how much efforts go into growing your own garden with fresh vegetables. We buy expensive products in malls and huge stores without bargaining, without even asking for any offers or discounts, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen the same at the vegetable market where the products are not even half of the price of products in stores. We strongly believe that there should not be any bargaining for even a single penny at the vegetable market. There is a life lesson which every one of us should inculcate from farmers, which is they work so hard and bear losses over and over again, but still choose to do farming and never quite farming.

How unpredicted every step of their life is, how the game of nature, unpredictable climatic change, ruins all the struggles and planning they have been doing for so long. When you start your own garden you realize nothing comes easy to you, it teaches you how to be consistent and patient in life to handle many situations.

COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to change our perspective of life by understanding things deeply. We now realize how much we took food for granted and how incredibly blessed we’re to get fresh vegetables at our doorsteps. This pandemic has taught us a hard lesson to value our food. We’re immensely grateful for the agriculture sector of our nation, which allows us to stay completely rooted in our tradition and culture.

Let’s all contribute a bit from our side to these people with the biggest heart who produce food for the entire nation and respect them for working diligently in their fields, to feed us today, tomorrow, and ages to come.

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